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                                                                                         Spring 2016 TYLA Season

  TYLA is working diligently behind the scenes as the new season approaches, in an effort to provide a safe and fun-filled environment. We also want to create the most competitive and engaging experience possible, and subsequently, we want to remind you of some of the changes from last season. TYLA is now part of a larger organization called the Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association (PCLA), which includes the five (5) existing recreational youth leagues of the Triad. The PCLA’s role will be to create uniformity amongst the league, schedule games, and serve as an advisory board for the leagues.
    With the joining of this organization TYLA can expect the following: 

1) Most games will be scheduled on Saturdays. However, Sundays could be used as a reschedule day for making games up due to inclement weather or a playday.

2) All TYLA players will play in their age-appropriate leagues. This will most notably affect the U13 & U15 age brackets, as we have allowed U13 players to play up an age division. All five leagues have agreed to follow this practice.

3) All TYLA boys will be evaluated prior to the season, and placed on teams providing the most competitive environment for his current skill level.

4) TYLA will be following the USL rules, the U9 & U11 age groups are officiated under one set of rules and the U13 & U15 age groups are governed under another set of rules. All PCLA league members will be adhering to these age bracket/rule guidelines.

Boys Lacrosse

Spring 2016 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table Birthdate
Age Bracket                          

Spring 2016 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table 

U9 On or After 9/1/06 - 9/1/08

U11 On or After 9/1/04 - 9/1/06

U13 On or After 9/1/02 - 9/1/04

U15 On or after 9/1/00 - 9/1/02


Girls Lacrosse  
Girls lacrosse has moved back to Girls Elementary and Girls Middle School. Girls are no longer divided by age, but by grade. Girls Elementary is 3 - 5 grade and Girls Middle School is 6-8 grade.